For General Inquiries

Please call our front desk at (860) 635-6010 x1 or email

Our Program Contacts

Feel free to reach out to these specific contacts directly if you’d like to learn more about our different programs.

Human Resources
E-mail: Alicia Pavlinko
Telephone: (860) 635-0330 x7016

Employment Verification
E-mail: Claudia Sulantay
Telephone: (860) 635-0330 x7017

The Ädelbrook Academy — Cromwell
E-mail: Allyssa Mullins
Telephone: (860) 788-5751

The Ädelbrook Academy — Manchester
E-mail: Cathy Danielczuk
Telephone: (860) 645-1255 x3020

Transitional Academy 
E-mail: Jackie Peck
Telephone: (860) 740-2550 x2553

Admissions & Program Development
E-mail: Carol-Ann Buikus
Telephone: (860) 788-5825
Mobile: (860) 759-3041

Ädelbrook Behavioral Consultation Services
E-mail: Brian Heslin
Telephone: (860) 635-6010 x5819

Training Academy
E-mail: Edward Laureano
Telephone: (860) 540-4304

Campus Residential Programs
E-mail: Elesa Nugent Weaver-Bey
Telephone: (860) 635-6010 x5740

Therapeutic Group Homes
E-mail: Nicole DesRoches, LPC
Telephone: (860) 635-6010 x5828

DDS Continuous Residential Support Homes
E-mail: Nichole Swol
Telephone: (860) 635-6010 x5823