Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to Our New Website!

It’s been a little more than five years since we put up our new site as Ädelbrook. It seemed like a good time to look at it with fresh eyes. It’s amazing how much we have grown and evolved since changing our name in 2012; we realized our website needed to reflect that change.

Since we launched our website in 2012 we have grown our staff from about 150 to almost 600. We have opened up 11 Continuous Residential Support Homes, four educational learning centers, two residential extension homes, began providing in-home services and opened our educational retail venture, The Ädelbrook Bark-ery. We wanted the website to help users understand the full range of services we offer at Ädelbrook.

The design and the format of the information has been changed to improve overview and navigation. In addition to the updated layout, new functions have been implemented: you can now purchase Bark-ery items online, to pick up at the store or have shipped to you.

We hope that you enjoy the bright new photos, the new features and the new look! Please know that the first few weeks after the initial launch are where we may catch any glitches that were not caught during the test period. Please reach out if you are having any trouble viewing any of the new links or features.

Finally, we’d like to thank our design team at Ink&Pixel for their generosity and dedication through the years. They have always prioritized making sure our image reflects not only our services, but also our core values.