Fall Festival Provides Sense of Community

A sense of community can be different for everyone. For parents of children or young adults with a disability, that sense of community can be hard to find. At events like the Fall Festival at the Cromwell Learning Center the sense of community can be seen, heard and felt. It may be through the students’ smiles and laughter with their parents, guardians or staff while painting a pumpkin. Or it may be through parents meeting other parents totalk with each other to share similar challenges and successes.

The Cromwell Learning community extends beyond the students and staff who interact daily, it includes the parents, guardians and group home staff. It extends to the medical staff, the executive team, human resource team and kitchen staff. It is that Ädelbrook community that influences the way we ensure each of our students fits in; as a piece of a puzzle. On days like the Fall Festival, some students are able to participate fully in all activities independently while other students have goals to participate in one activity, like the maze, while some require full staff prompting to climb the inflatable slide. No matter the ability, our sense of community comes together to support and celebrate each of our students.

On days like the Fall Festival, I am truly grateful to be a part of the Adelbrook Community and cannot wait to see what the next day brings.

–Jackie Peck
Assistant Director, Learning Center – Cromwell

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