Caregiving Around the Clock

Caregiving Around the Clock

November is National Caregivers Month and the theme this year is Caregiving Around the Clock. Being a caregiver for someone can be both rewarding and stressful. When being a caregiver is around the clock it can become downright exhausting.

It’s not just the needing to be “on” that can take its toll, but it’s also the pain and suffering that the caregiver has to bear witness to. Caregivers often put their needs and feelings aside to ensure that the person they are caring for has all that they need. They are selfless and expect no accolades for the hard work they do, day in and day out.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner let’s remember to give thanks to those who give care to our family, friends or loved ones. It is a tireless, selfless and challenging job, and these individuals do it with grace, maintaining the dignity of the one they are caring for.

Thank you to all caregivers out there.

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