Ädelbrook Co-Sponsors Press Conference – Ädelbrook Staff as Heroes of the Pandemic and Always Essential

On a more positive note, we had a great press conference with the Governor, DCF Commissioner, and local legislators. We (me and two other children’s service providers, Naomi Yaidom from our staff, and a foster mother) had 45 minutes in advance of the press conference to speak in a small group with the Governor, Commissioner, and local Senator. The governor acknowledged our staff and talked about a plan to direct federal funds into our program via the CARES act. We weren’t clear on what he meant and how those funds would be allocated, but I’m following up with the Commissioner this week. Below are links to several news stories and to the full press portion of the event on the CT Network (CTN).


Nonprofit Employees Continue to Work During Pandemic to Take Care of Children in Need (Link)


Nonprofits Continue to Struggle With Funding (Link)


Gov. Lamont Shines Light on Non-Profit Workers (Link)


Non-Profit Workers Recognized for Tireless Efforts to Provide Services to CT Children in Foster Care


Link to the full press conference part of Friday’s activities: Governor Lamont News Briefing on the Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Helping Families Impacted by COVID-19 (Link)


Press Conference – I’m helping to facilitate a press conference this morning with Governor Lamont and DCF Commissioner Dorantes highlighting staff in children’s residential programs as the quiet heroes of the pandemic. This is a concept we’ve been working on through the Children’s League of CT, an association of children’s residential providers, of which I’m the Vice President. CLOC members are sponsoring this event, which is being held at Klingberg Family Centers in New Britain. Participation and size was limited due to the pandemic. Ädelbrook is one of three agencies participating in a roundtable discussion with the Governor followed by a press conference.  I’ll be joined by Naomi Yaidom, a co-supervisor in our Therapeutic Group Homes, who will share her experiences working in our programs. Naomi has been with Ädelbrook for 7 years and is an example of a hero every day for our young women but especially during the pandemic. For local members, hopefully you’ll see some of this in the media.