Middletown, CT (The Middletown Press) – New used bookstore opens in Middletown, offering books, skills and independence

Middletown, CT (The Middletown Press) – New used bookstore opens in Middletown, offering books, skills and independence

Ädelbooks & More, a new used bookstore located in Middletown, CT, was featured in The Middletown Press last month. The interview, which celebrated the launch of Ädelbrook’s new vocational storefront, provides the opportunity for students with autism and developmental disabilities to learn and practice vocational skills. During the interview, Ädelbrook’s President & CEO, Alyssa Goduti, along with the Director of Education, Jackie Peck, shared the incredible impact of the bookstore in the lives of students at the Ädelbrook Transitional Academy. Alyssa Goduti explained, “We work with kids and young adults with an array of special needs but particularly autism spectrum disorders. One of the biggest challenges for young adults with autism is finding jobs and really building the vocational skills and the life skills that they need to be successful young adults.”


As 1 in 36 individuals identify with autism, this storefront, provide real-life employment opportunities. Jackie Peck elaborated on this immersive level of support,


“Individuals with autism have a high rate of unemployment, so we feel really strongly that we want to help our kids be exposed to as many different opportunities in the community related to work and related to being independent young adults.”


In addition to being an essential pillar for our students’ growth and development, Ädelbooks & More is creating a community space to help bring awareness to autism and developmental disabilities. Alyssa mentioned, the space is “very inviting and welcoming, and that was really our goal. We really want to be part of the community and welcome the community into our bookstore to get to know our amazing students.”


Located just off Main Street in Riverview Center, Ädelbooks and More offers thousands of used books, gifts by local vendors, and local events. Jackie shared, “I’m hoping word will spread about how awesome we are and how we are supporting the Middletown and Connecticut communities with books. By supporting us and coming to our bookstore, meeting our kids and potentially buying something … you are giving the kids that experience of customer service and the social piece.”


Ädelbooks & More is located at 100 Riverview Center, Suite 135, Middletown, CT and is open Monday-Thursday, 10am-2pm, Fridays, 10am-6pm and Saturdays from 10am-3pm. We hope to see you there!


Ädelbrook is a 124-year-old nonprofit multi-service agency specializing in behavioral and developmental services. Ädelbrook is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of families and individuals of all ages and abilities, with expertise in supporting individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders. From individualized education services to residential and therapeutic supports, Ädelbrook provides a high-quality continuum of care to meet the ever-changing needs of the amazing children and individuals it supports. Through collaboration, both internally and externally, Ädelbrook provides expert, comprehensive, data-driven, person-centered services with compassion. By building trust in a safe and nurturing environment Ädelbrook helps those it serves find a future filled with achievement, dignity, happiness, and hope.