Ädelbrook Bark-ery Opening Soon

Ädelbrook Bark-ery Opening Soon

When you have dedicated staff who think outside the box to create opportunities for students of all abilities to succeed, you get amazing results … and The Ädelbrook Bark-ery… Which will be opening to the public on Monday, November 14 at the 100 Riverview Plaza, Suite 125 in Middletown.

What is a Bark-ery you ask? Well it’s a bakery for your furry, four legged best friend, well the barking one anyway. The Ädelbrook Transitional Academy wanted to develop more opportunities for students to get more and different experience in the workforce, so they began thinking about work that would be rewarding, interesting and educational to the students. When the idea struck that making dog treats and selling them would provide all of those things, the wheels began to turn, and then things started to happen.

Now, maybe you are thinking, how hard can it be? Just throw some ingredients together and sell it! Oh no, my friend. Our staff have sent each of the five products they are initially going to be selling to the state department of agriculture to get approval and then they had to send them out to another company to have their ingredients broken down to determine the exact amount of protein, fat, etc. in each treat. This way you know exactly what your pet is getting.

While the Bark-ery is starting out small only making five treats, they are partnering with other local vendors and artisans who sell dog related items/accessories so that they may offer their items in our storefront. With many of the farmers markets closing or downsizing for winter, we thought it might be perfect timing. As Carol-Ann Burns, the Transitional Academy Coordinator said,

“I want this to be a community resource. We want people to be able to sell their wares out of our storefront.”

The opening in November is a soft opening while we build up an inventory of our own goods and hopefully other local vendors. We hope that you will take a walk with your dog and come in and try our treats. Our students and staff are very excited about this new venture, so friendly feedback is welcome. We look forward to seeing you and your furry friends on November 14!