Our Dedicated Staff

Our Dedicated Staff

When asked what sets Ädelbrook apart from the other agencies I often say that it’s the fact that we offer a continuum of care. However, that continuum of care means nothing if there aren’t top notch staff doing that work. So what I should be saying is that what sets us apart is the amazingly dedicated staff we have … at all levels.

This dedication is illustrated with something that just happened last week. We got a call from the Department of Children and Families that they had a child, non-verbal and diagnosed with autism who had been removed from his mother’s care. They did not have a placement for him and if one wasn’t able to be found, he would most likely end up in a shelter for the night. Our team sprang into action. Within 30 minutes of the call, staff had all the intake information needed and arranged transportation to bring him to our campus. While they were trying to get things settle with a room and other necessary details, he was set up in a room where he happily played with Legos.

Meanwhile, our intake staff, with children of her own, stayed late, making trips to the store to purchase toiletries and clothes so he would have everything he needed to be comfortable and made to feel at home. She also was able to open the lines of communication between us and the mother.

I recently was speaking with a mom of whose son is in our residential program and I asked her why she thought he was successful here at Ädelbrook. Her answer

“Because they treat him like I treat him. They play with him, they love him.”

I think THAT is maybe what sets us apart from others.