No More Looking Back!

No More Looking Back!

When this young girl first arrived at Ädelbrook’s Learning Center – Manchester, she was often unable to process her surroundings or communicate her wants and needs. Over time our teaching staff worked with her to build trust to develop coping strategies and to open her up to the wonderful world around her.

This picture was taken this summer when we went on a field trip to an orchard to pick apples. As I looked back through pictures I had taken on that trip I was struck by this picture. I realized looking forward how much had changed … I see this young girl who used to only look down at the ground in front of her, now looking out at what lies ahead of her. I see a little girl who was withdrawn and anxious opened up to her new bright beautiful world. I see peace in her face.

These are the moments that we all show up for, and every now and then, we’re rewarded with the permanent reminder in a beautiful photo, taken on a glorious day, and we’re reminded how much we have to look forward to.

Submitted by Cathy Danielczuk
Master Teacher, Learning Center – Manchester

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