A teacher works with her Autistic student on a lesson.

Welcome to Ädelbrook

We're Committed to
Helping Every Student
Reach Their Full Potential

An Autistic young woman laughs at her desk in the classroom.

Welcome to Ädelbrook

Delivering Happiness
to Kids with Autism
and Special Needs

A child smiles in the classroom with thumbs up.

Welcome to Ädelbrook

Creating a World Where
Individuals Can Reach
Their Full Potential

An autistic child smiles for the camera while playing on the playground.

Welcome to Ädelbrook

Celebrating the Unique
Strengths and Abilities
of All Children

A care-giver embraces a child with autism.

Welcome to Ädelbrook

We Never Stop
Pursuing Excellence in
Person-Centered Care

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We offer the promise of a future filled with dignity, achievement, happiness, and hope.

When you need help, we have the resources.

We specialize in developmental and intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and psychiatric disorders.

Our Academy locations are private special education facilities that provide intensive learning experiences for students ages 3–21.

Providing in-home Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy throughout a number of towns statewide.

Licensed residential programming for young men and women diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder and intellectual and developmental disorders.

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Faces of Ädelbrook

Fatima Silva

Talent Acquisition Partner

All our new employees and most of our current employees have gone through Fatima Silva on their journey to becoming an Ädelbrook employee as she is our Talent Acquisition Partner. Fatima exemplifies our values of compassion, commitment and trust. Her welcoming manner and desire to help gives our applicants a wonderful first impression.


Fatima has been with Ädelbrook for 5 years and has paved the way for hundreds of applicants to become employees. Our recruiting sector has seen a sizable growth over her tenure and Fatima now leads 2 additional staff members who all work tirelessly to fill vacant positions. Her ability to remember a name is remarkable as is her ability to use alternative means to reach potential applicants.


While away from work Fatima enjoys spending time with her 3 beautiful daughters. She also enjoys tennis, soccer, and traveling. Fatima has the artistic ability to plan and decorate for parties and events. We feel lucky that she has shared this talent with us.

Ann Burgoyne

Community Volunteer

Ann Burgoyne, is our first community volunteer to join the Youth and Community Advisory Board. This board’s purpose is to:


Provide a way for our youth and staff to come together with the community to be involved with each other through conversations, events, fundraising for those events, planning of work groups (painting, landscaping) and more.


Create independence in different environments.  Interact with other community members that our youth normally would not.


Expand access to community activities and on-grounds classes and/or demonstrations.


Ann loves listening to the young adults who join the meetings of our Advisory Board. She fit right in and was able to connect with and come up with wonderful ideas to support our children and young adults. Because of COVID-19, our meetings have been virtual or not at all. We all look forward to the time when we can come together and once again brain storm ideas to help our children and young adults. Ann has long been associated with Ädelbrook through the Bethany Covenant Church and her husband, Howard, who is on Ädelbrook’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Sabrina Demsky-Cameron, LCSW

Executive Team Member

Dr. Sabrina Demsky-Cameron, LCSW, our Executive Vice President and CCO, has been with Ädelbrook since June of 2009. She began her career here as the Program Director for one of our Therapeutic Group Homes, and quickly worked her way up through Clinical Program Director, Director of Residential Programming, Chief Operating Officer in 2016, and then in July 2019 she became the Executive Vice President.


In addition to her role at Ädelbrook, Sabrina was recently awarded her Doctor of Social Work through Southern Connecticut State University after years of research. Sabrina is also a wife and a very busy Mom to three active children. Sabrina’s compassion for those we serve is evident in all she does.


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Yes, The Academy — Cromwell serves the majority of our residents on our Cromwell campus, as well as day students from surrounding communities.

We provide a range of staffing from before- and after-school and weekend support, to full 24-hour care, depending on the individual’s needs. Additionally we offer specialized programming for individuals 21 and older, both in their home and community.

The residential program is intended to serve young men and women, between the ages of 12–21. Youth under the age of 12 may be served in this setting with the appropriate approval by the licensing department.

The clinical team works closely with family and support providers to establish a comprehensive discharge plan. Individualized aftercare coordination assists the youth with transition from residential living to a wide range of living situations including: family, in-home supports, group and assisted community living.


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